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Mass Rollout Across All Railway Stations


Partnering with PitBull Energy Drink  


Developing New, Digital Card Based Touch Screen Vending Solutions


We offer a wide variety of coffee and warm beverage solutions to cater to your every need, taste and budget. Whether you’re in need of catering to a small office environment or a corporate hub.

Coffee Vending

Our snack machines are not only reliable, but very reasonably priced in terms of rental & individually marked items.We guarantee a perfect offering for the individual

Snack Vending

Our newly developed airtime handheld device offers convenience to all in offering airtime across all networks as well as pre-paid electricity, in a compact durable device

Airtime Vending

i4Vending is a member of the i4SBF group of companies that has been established and operates throughout South Africa in the Property and Facilities business sector. i4Vending proposes a solution that will deliver an immediate sustainable world class vending solutions that is supported by the world renowned brands of Nestle Food services.

The i4Vending team has been providing full service custom catering for a wide variety of corporate clients, individual and groups throughout South Africa.

Dedicated to excellence in quality, preparation and presentation, the team caters for both small and large environment settings. The implementation of an integrated solution that is managed by i4Vending as a partner to Our Customers will deliver the Following value benefits:

Executive Overview